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Welcome to winter on the mountain

This is where you will find PJ Pottery next…..

rainforest artisan bazaar flyer

The Rainforest Artisan Bazaar is a unique marketplace showcasing the talents of 15+ local artists. Nestled amidst lush greenery at Thunderbird Park, Tamborine Mountain the bazaar serves as a meeting place for both artists and visitors, where the atmosphere is infused with a sense of community and appreciation for art. Each booth you will be greeted by passionate individuals eager to share the stories behind their creations.

The following Sunday will be the re-opening of the PJ Pottery Gallery. The gallery has had a HUGE make-over and we are celebrating with a re-opening party 3pm SUNDAY 18th JUNE . There will be local specials, new stock, new teapots, a bit of bubbly and nibbles and a fair bit of talking about clay. If you would like to attend, please RSVP below

PJ Pottery gallery reopens

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