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Sydney Teapot Show 2022

detail of a Jabberwocky teapot in Steampunk style by PJ Pottery

We love the Sydney Teapot Show! This year one of the categories was to create a teapot based on a nonsense poem so of course, I made a Jabberwocky holding a teapot inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem

I have put in an entry in each year for many years. There is usually a choice of themes to challenge potters to great heights of creativity. This is an amazing exhibition that potters and collectors around Australia look forward to each year.

If you are in Sydney around Saturday 17 September – Sunday 16 October 2022 call into the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown and view the amazing and diverse teapots from around Australia.

Here you can view and purchase our handmade Australian made teapots

3 thoughts on “Sydney Teapot Show 2022

  1. Brilliant! How wonderful, I really like that picture, is that your jabberwocky? 😀 Gorgeous!

    1. Hi Miranda, it is indeed a Jabberwocky, thanks for the love!

      1. You’re welcome, I’ve really enjoyed looking at all your different teapots, they are gorgeous. 😀

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