Australian made TEAPOTS

 handmade Australian Jabberwocky teapot

 A milestone in her long career has been the recent win at the iconic 2022 Sydney Teapot Show for her tea-drinking Steampunk Jabberwocky teapot. Awarded a $500 prize Sponsored by Gleebooks this Australian made teapot was an audience favourite. Read my blog for more info on this award.

Nicci Parry-Jones has been creating Australian made teapots for many years. In 2018 she honed her skills further by setting herself the goal of making 100 teapots in 6 months, for the Brisbane Finders Keepers Designer Market. Every teapot was individually crafted, no two exactly the same. It was at this time she started introducing Steampunk elements into her work. This art style is a fascinating mix of features from the Industrial Age, Punk, Medieval and mechanical parts, all married together into intriguing forms. This combination of seemingly jarring time periods is referred to as anachronistic.

Nicci felt she had found her Nirvana: the ability to make challenging and complex teapots and succumb to her natural inclination to over-embellish. Steampunk teapots enabled her to be as over the top and creative as she desired!

This niche specialty has been highly successful, with many of her unique one-of-a-kind creations being sold to appreciative collectors. Her unique teapots have also won awards in the 2016 New England Teapot Show and been selected as finalists in the 2021 Ceramic Arts Queensland Siliceous Award for Ceramic Excellence and the2021 Klytie Pate Award.

During COVID In 2019, her solo exhibition The Iso Tea Time of the Soul was launched at Under the Greenwood Tree to a restricted audience but was nevertheless highly successful. As the title suggests, the show focused on all things tea-related, featuring her now well-known Steampunk teapots.

Aside from quirky and sculptural teapots, Nicci enjoys making Australian made functional teapots and takes regular commissions for customized teapots and tea sets. Under her brand PJ Pottery, Nicci creates full-time from her studio on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland happily dividing her time between hand crafting teapots, ceramic home ware and teaching ceramics.  This is a selection of Australian made teapots made by Nicci Parry-Jones over the last few years.